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“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”

Anna Quindlen, How Reading Changed My Life

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad/Roughing It

“What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”
Jack Kerouac, On the Road

All about Columbiawi

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We want to share our business ethics and methods to people who cares



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Amazing Selling skills and Marketing Skills That works



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Amazing Sight and Views around the globe



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In Search for a Hotel in Cebu City – Things to remember while planning your journey

South China Sea

Philippines and South China Sea consists of more than 7107 islands, and out of all one of them is Cebu. This island is enriched with beautiful nature, culture and also serves travelers with some of the adrenaline pumping activities. With all the beauty possessed in the city, it has managed to create a special place in the travel map. Adequate track is maintained for the travelers within the city and the hospitality sector, such that travelers keep sprouting with every passing day. Owing to these efforts, the city has emerged as one of the beautiful and most traveled places within the world. However, while planning your tour to Cebu, it is advisable to keep below mentioned factors in mind.

Tropical climate

Tropical climate is noticed in the city, wherein March to May remains hot, June to October is rainy and November to February is quite cold. The best time to visit the place is from December to May, and it is also quite easy to enter the place during this time.

Tropical climate

Travel adjoining places

While you are planning your tour to Cebu, you would be delighted to know that some other cities can also be easily accessed from here. Manila is connected by air from Cebu. For individuals who are using sea as medium of travelling they can choose to go nearby parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Travel adjoining places

Tourist attractions in Cebu

Before you book your tickets, make sure to prepare itinerary for the destination such that you can cover different spots and make the most out of the journey. Some of the tourist attractions here include beaches, island, hills etc. At the Islands one can get marooned in amidst of sun, sand and sea. Apart from this, there are also some beautiful sights which are a must cover else your tour is going to be incomplete without it.

Tourist attractions in Cebu


Hotels in Cebu

Cebu hotels Philippines are built on some of the most extravagant properties which give travelers amazing view, comfort and experience. While planning trips, travelers have to just scroll through different hotels available in the city, and choose the most appropriate one suiting their preference. Variety of accommodations is available in the city beginning from luxury beach resorts to budget hotels giving complete freedom to travelers to make choice from.

Because of the increasing tourism and popularity of city, one can find popular hotel groups here like Intercontinental Hyatt, Crown Plaza, Pan Pacific, etc. Thus when it comes to hotel and facilities, there is no end to it. Just name it and you will be served with large number of facilities and service as per your expectations. If we superficially talk about budget hotels they have also been constructed providing tourists with basic amenities and services that can help them have a convenient stay.

Almost all the hotels based in the city have their official website available on internet; hence it is advisable to make your final decision after scrolling through the site. This site is going to give you brief insight into the hotel, its location, rooms and services. Apart from this it will also provide unbiased reviews of travelers which have expressed their opinion on the property. Such facts can be relied upon to make the final decision and choose the Best Cebu hotels Philippines.

Buying a House in Cebu City – an Easy Tips on what to be aware of

Buy a Home

The market of real estate is always changing. However, most of the people don’t have any idea on the way of selling or buying a house in a professional way. With some knowledge on real estate deals, you can gain lots of profits as a seller or buyer. Everyone has a dream of owning a well-designed house, and to accomplish this dream, there is a need of going through a process. It can help you in avoiding a mess in your significant deal.

Get an idea on commercial and residential houses

Commercial property is usually building or land, intended for generating more profits. This property is also known as the investment property. It comprises a number of rental units. But, in most cases, these properties are retail stores and offices or also industrial houses. Making an investment on this property enables you to have more money.

However, residential properties are best for single or multiple families. Cooperative structures and condominiums can also be included under this category. Many investors like to invest on this real estate, and they buy rental units or homes.

 commercial and residential houses

Set budget for buying a house in Cebu City

It is very essential to make out the amount that you are able to afford very easily. Try to get an approximate figure. If you want to take the money from lender, he may assess your credit record and income. The common rule states that you need to choose a house, which costs almost 2 ½ times of your annual income. While you’ve various financial issues, you can lower your budget. The experts recommend that the monthly payment for the new house must not go beyond thirty six percent of your own monthly earnings.


Start thinking on what you need

You have possibly some idea on what you want in your new house. However, it is essential to consider the needs of your own family members because the number of members can get increased in the future with the birth of babies. Some people give priority to the availability of backyard or a good school in the adjacent area. However, many others want to have a big kitchen room along with a luxury bedroom.

thinking on what you need

Have a look at the local region where you would reside

Your real estate agent may assist you in this respect. However, if you have not appointed anyone, you need to apply your effort to see whether there’re shopping centers, schools or other facilities in the region. The availability of these thing not only give you comfort during your stay but also increase resale value, if you sell the house in future. Thus, choose the right house at a reasonable price. It’s better to look for an agent to get the most suitable accommodation.

Assess the price of similar properties in the locality

Most of the smart home buyers want to make a comparison of the chosen houses. Compare only those houses, which are similar in size and features. While your selected unit is costlier than other options, you may change your decision.


Bidding to set price

While you have chosen a house, you may go for bidding. If you are dealing with an agent, you can get recommendations from the experts. You can create your own strategy and arrange the details of three to four houses, sold in the same region recently. In fact, there’s no rule on the negotiation of price. You may deal with seller directly or with the help of intermediaries. While you have reached an acceptable agreement on the price, you can plan for closing the deal.


Inspection of the property

Before settling everything, you have to inspect the house- its design, materials, heating systems and wiring. While an inspector gets some problems, like replacement of roof, you have to ask your agent for discussing it with actual seller. When this seller has not agreed to repair it, you may avoid the deal.

So, invest on a house with good care and sincerity. A real estate agent is the most helpful professional to you to remove all the issues in transaction. Choose an exotic house that not only meets your needs but also looks wonderful. As there is a need of some practical knowledge while buying a house, it is better to make contact with the professionals. Whether it is a commercial house or residential unit, the agents will give you the utmost help. So, find a real estate company and have an appointment with an agent.



Information About Background Checks

Background Checks

In the past, the majority of background checks were given by large businesses. Today, it is far more common to see small businesses running them on their potential – as well as current – employees.

Even among individuals background checks are becoming more popular – especially if they would like to meet someone in person that they have only ‘met’ online.

It is so important for people looking into this option to be sure they are using a reputable company. There are many sites that can be found online that offer background checks, but not all give the kind of information that is being sought.

Some background checks only show the person’s full name, address, and current phone number. While those are helpful facts to have, it would be more beneficial to have a more detailed account of the person you are researching.

Online Employee Background Checks

Then there are other, superior, sites that offer a more comprehensive look into that person’s life – address history, relatives, criminal records, and even if they have any civil filings.

Background checks are useful for business owners when they would like to review potential employees. The employer is given the chance to have a ‘sneak peak’ into the likely employee’s life. They could also be used on current employees to double check that certain employees are being truthful when it comes to criminal records and even their current address.

Individuals may also choose to do a background check on a person they are dating or have met online – especially if the individual has children to look after.

How to check your background

When looking for a website to give a background check, always remember to do some research into the information to be received.

Compare the price with the information promised to be sure that it is comparable. If a considerable amount need to be given, think about looking for a program that allows unlimited searches – even if they provide only the more basic information – for a set period of time. A significant amount of money will be saved going that route than if each search was paid for individually.

Traveling With Kids

Methods For Traveling With Kids

Traveling With Kids

Lots of men and women consider rightly so, and that traveling is a vital part of a kid’s schooling. But how frequently have you ever heard the parents whine about cumbersome their children happen to be to them when they’ve taken outside them. On the contrary parents adore to be in the business of their kids although it’s not that parents do not need to travel with their kids. It’s simply that kids attempt their patience and do give them trouble.

A great method would be to involve the children in planning the holiday. For input signals enable them to pick out areas that they’d like to go to, inquire further. By doing this you’ll discover that the kids tend to be more concerted even such as the museum in seeing areas.

You are going to be astounded at how your children do the chores.

Another way as you are able to prepare your kids to your upcoming holiday will be to purchase them one or two novels to ensure that they are able to read through to the positioning where you are traveling to. The more which they understand more about the place at which youwill be seeing with the more they’re able to plan the things that they would like to do on the holiday.

planning the holiday

To some foreign location having a foreign language you might be going just in case you can begin to educate your kids the language. It isn’t merely informative but also gets them curious and really excited.

  • A couple of weeks prior to the launch of your holiday you can find your kids their particular back pack to shoot on the airplane or to the automobile together. Enable them to own a choice in what goes in their pack and enable them to shoot matters that can keep them occupied on the airplane or in the auto. This may include music, books, paper and pencils, and travel games.
  • kids the languageOlder kids might be past the toy period, place a travel journal could be an excellent chance to allow them to write down details in regards to the excursion. Pick the kind of diary that lets the kid add images as well as other mementos that are significant from your trip – they will develop a scrapbook that they’ll appreciate for a long time.
  • Another substitute for take into account is buying cheap cameras to your kids (provided they’re old enough to shoot images). The purpose will be to help them have interesting memories of the trip afterwards.
  • Ensure which you reserve your rooms in hotels that hold families with kids, when you are reserving your holiday. It’ll be an extra plus, in the event that you can arrange to keep in areas where there exists a pool. A pool is an effective means for your kids as well as you personally to unwind at the conclusion of long day of sightseeing and traveling.


Traveling with children could be either joy or a pain based on the way you approach it. Children must be held and will be kids they’re quite energetic. With the above mentioned suggestions you will end up in a position to truly have a fantastic trip along with your kids

Traveling Abroad

Guidance For Anyone Traveling Abroad

Travel Guide

To not deter one from seeing the world however there are quite a lot of things that one should take into account when taking a vacation to some foreign state and traveling abroad in order to prevent circumstances that are potentially dangerous. Clearly having a passport that is legal is crucial and one needs to make sure you complete the crisis advice that is required because section of the passport, supposing some misfortune that is unanticipated occurs to spring up.

So becoming knowledgeable about the place you want to see is essential. You need to pay close focus on customs and the laws of the nation as they have been most likely to differ from those of your home country. It is crucial that you just won’t leave it unattended as your bag has almost all you require for the visit included. Also taking packages from strangers is definitely taboo. It’s possible to never be too confident as it pertains to accepting packages inside their home country, even from strangers.

As a way to prevent being heavily targeted, tend not to wear expensive jewelry or any eye-catching clothes which will bring unwanted attention. Additionally it is proposed that you not carry excess cash or any unneeded charge cards alongside you. First and foremost you need to be respectful of the culture where you happen to be present and the folks there.

Bring When Traveling

10 Must- Things that are Bring When Traveling


Traveling is among the very rewarding tasks anyone can have in a whole life. Seeing with locations that are identifying, striking various cultures, getting to know new folks- these are only a few of the things that are wonderful one gets when travelling to experience.

Nevertheless, a few people tend to organise our trips at the very last minute, and packaging things in this rush might lead to a number of slip-ups. Some travelers often miss items that is critical when packaging, while others over-pack and so are made to carry heavy bags and therefore pay extra baggage prices.

The following are ten journey principles that and so you’ll have the knowledge of things to bring in the next excursion, no matter your preferred destination, you should be aware of:

  • back packA tough, fashionable wheeled tote/ back pack – Remember your bag is likely to be your matters’ home sweet home, also it must be sufficiently powerful and large to place your entire clothing, toiletries, etc. and should be trendy enough to fit the feel of your destination. Only look at the problem when the strap of your bag breaks in a middle of your trip or the away-feeling of taking an enormous back pack that is web in the event that you are bound to cross the river throughout your trip.
  • A day pack that is comprehensive – Big things come in little packages- such is the situation for day packs. There is never any ruin in taking an added, little zip-up or tote bag at which it’s possible to set daytime essentials like a bottle of water, or a map, sunblock – only be sure it is suitable to hold around and will not be much of a weight.
  • Money belt and additional cash – Cash is what you basically must carry through all the good-planned excursion and bringing more cash is crucial, in case a number of the available resources like beverages, food, as well as other journey things that are vital become insufficient to meet with your needs. Additionally, it’s necessary for you to remember that we now have pickpockets who can be speedier than your instincts, thus be certain that you simply protect your cash.
  • Dressing table and security kits – They’re, all things considered, your protection against skin conditions and unwanted smell. A first aid kit which has fundamental treatments and cleaning agents that are wound is also just as significant as the preceding. Don’t forget, you will never know very well that which you might encounter through your travels, that is the reason why it is crucial that you always remain prepared for just about any kind of crisis.
  • APPROPRIATE APPAREL: Be certain before you package your things, you realize just what weather you are going to experience in your selected destination. It is necessary to learn whether it is sunny, wet, or white in order to bring the appropriate dress for the season. You do not need to end up dressed in a two piece bikini in a place that is chilly.
  • ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENTElectric doodads that are diverse – Bringing some of your gadgets mp3 players, notebooks, as well as mobile appliances could be needed, so do contain the needed voltage converters and plug adapters.
  • ADDITIONAL POWER FOR YOUR OWN ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: It is all-important to transport gadgets when travelling like torch for crisis, alarm clock, and cameras to take pictures of spectacular views around. Apparatus I urge you carry around battery-operated, since batteries are easily available and easily affordable in just about any shops. Furthermore, package along extra batteries in your take-about tote bag in the event you use up all your power while traveling.
  • Research notes and maps –One error most voyagers make for granted, is taking research. One may be astonished how well a little bit of info about an area can would you good. Before you head off research. Compose the data you have collected down if you are able to, or print them.
  • Everywhere you go now, its extreme weather condition. El Niio and torrential rains are just a few of the things that you would possibly experience through your trip. A great amount of mosquito repellant can also be a must for people who’ll most likely be sleeping outside.
  • SIGNIFICANT DOCUMENTS: In the event you are traveling at house to a faraway land or a different state, tourism sections urge that vacationers have backup duplicates of these records including IDs and passport, visa, insurance certificates, and travel tickets. To fix it from becoming wet or being ripped, I propose you put your files in a zip-lock bag before putting it safely.

Travelling should be lots of pleasure. Also it is going to be if you are well-packed and prepared for anything. Don’t forget, you are doing this to break free from each of the stresses of everyday living, so do not let your experience turns into another source of stress.

Travel Quote

Travel Quote



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