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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad/Roughing It

“What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”
Jack Kerouac, On the Road

All about Columbiawi

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We want to share our business ethics and methods to people who cares



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Amazing Selling skills and Marketing Skills That works



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Amazing Sight and Views around the globe



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In Search for a Hotel in Cebu City – Things to remember while planning your journey

South China Sea

The Philippines and the South China Sea consists of more than 7107 islands, and out of all one of them is Cebu. This island is enriched with beautiful nature, culture and also serves travelers with some of the adrenaline-pumping activities. With all the beauty possessed in the city, it has managed to create a unique place on the travel map. The adequate track is maintained for the travelers within the city and the hospitality sector, such that travelers keep sprouting with every passing day. Owing to these efforts, the city has emerged as one of the beautiful and most traveled places within the world. However, while planning your tour to Cebu, it is advisable to keep below-mentioned factors in mind.

Tropical climate

The tropical climate is noticed in the city, wherein March to May remains hot, June to October is rainy, and November to February is quite cold. The best time to visit the place is from December to May, and it is also quite easy to enter the place during this time.

Tropical climate

Travel adjoining places

While you are planning your tour to Cebu, you would be delighted to know that some other cities can also be easily accessed from here. Manila is connected by air from Cebu. For individuals who are using the sea as a medium of traveling they can choose to go nearby parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Travel adjoining places

Tourist attractions in Cebu

Before you book your tickets, make sure to prepare the itinerary for the destination such that you can cover different spots and make the most out of the journey. Some of the tourist attractions here include beaches, island, hills, etc. At the Islands, one can get marooned in amidst of sun, sand, and sea. Apart from this, there are also some beautiful sights which are a must cover else your tour is going to be incomplete without it.

Tourist attractions in Cebu


Hotels in Cebu

Cebu hotels the Philippines are built on some of the most extravagant properties which give travelers fantastic view, comfort and experience. While planning trips, travelers have just to choose the most appropriate one suiting their preference. A variety of accommodations is available in the city beginning from luxury beach resorts to budget hotels giving complete freedom to travelers to make a choice from.

Because of the increased tourism and popularity of city, one can find traditional hotel groups here like Intercontinental Hyatt, Crown Plaza, Pan Pacific, etc. Thus when it comes to accommodation and facilities, there is no end to it. Just name it, and you will be served with a wide range of facilities and service as per your expectations. If we superficially talk about an affordable hotel in Cebu they have also been constructed providing tourists with basic amenities and services that can help them have a convenient stay.

Almost all the hotels based in the city have their official website available on the internet; hence it is advisable to make your final decision after scrolling through the site. This site is going to give you the brief insight into the hotel, its location, rooms, and services. Apart from this, it will also provide unbiased reviews of travelers which have expressed their opinion on the property. Such facts can be relied upon to make the final decision and choose the affordable hotel in cebu.

Buying a House in Cebu City – an Easy Tips on what to be aware of

Buy a Home

The market of real estate is always changing. However, most of the people don’t have any idea on the way of selling or buying a house in a professional way. With some knowledge on real estate deals, you can gain lots of profits as a seller or buyer. Everyone has a dream of owning a well-designed house, and to accomplish this dream, there is a need of going through a process. It can help you in avoiding a mess in your significant deal.

Get an idea on commercial and residential houses

Commercial property is usually building or land, intended for generating more profits. Check out Cebu City Condominium for this property and also known as the investment property. It comprises a number of rental units. But, in most cases, these properties are retail stores and offices or also industrial houses. Making an investment on this property enables you to have more money.

However, residential properties are best for single or multiple families. Cooperative structures and condominiums can also be included under this category. Many investors like to invest on this real estate, and they buy rental units or homes.

 commercial and residential houses

Set budget for buying a house in Cebu City

It is very essential to make out the amount that you are able to afford very easily. Try to get an approximate figure. If you want to take the money from lender, he may assess your credit record and income. The common rule states that you need to choose a house, which costs almost 2 ½ times of your annual income. While you’ve various financial issues, you can lower your budget. The experts recommend that the monthly payment for the new house must not go beyond thirty six percent of your own monthly earnings.


Start thinking on what you need

You have possibly some idea on what you want in your new house. However, it is essential to consider the needs of your own family members because the number of members can get increased in the future with the birth of babies. Some people give priority to the availability of backyard or a good school in the adjacent area. However, many others want to have a big kitchen room along with a luxury bedroom.

thinking on what you need

Have a look at the local region where you would reside

Your real estate agent may assist you in this respect. However, if you have not appointed anyone, you need to apply your effort to see whether there’re shopping centers, schools or other facilities in the region. The availability of these thing not only give you comfort during your stay but also increase resale value, if you sell the house in future. Thus, choose the right house at a reasonable price. It’s better to look for an agent to get the most suitable accommodation.

Assess the price of similar properties in the locality

Most of the smart home buyers want to make a comparison of the chosen houses. Compare only those houses, which are similar in size and features. While your selected unit is costlier than other options, you may change your decision.


Bidding to set price

While you have chosen a house, you may go for bidding. If you are dealing with an agent, you can get recommendations from the experts. You can create your own strategy and arrange the details of three to four houses, sold in the same region recently. In fact, there’s no rule on the negotiation of price. You may deal with seller directly or with the help of intermediaries. While you have reached an acceptable agreement on the price, you can plan for closing the deal.


Inspection of the property

Before settling everything, you have to inspect the house- its design, materials, heating systems and wiring. While an inspector gets some problems, like replacement of roof, you have to ask your agent for discussing it with actual seller. When this seller has not agreed to repair it, you may avoid the deal.

So, invest in a house with good care and sincerity. A real estate agent is the most helpful professional to you to remove all the issues in transaction. Choose an exotic house that not only meets your needs but also looks wonderful. As there is a need of some practical knowledge while buying a house, it is better to make contact with the professionals. Whether it is a commercial house or residential unit, the agents will give you the utmost help. So, find a real estate company and have an appointment with an agent.



Joe Nahas’ Creation: The Iconic 8 Phillip Street in Paramatta

CEO of the Coronation property and key company executive Joe Nahas is about to rise yet another of his creation together with Jamie Durie—the remarkable iconic 8 Phillip Street in Parramatta. Since this is one of their latest creation, you must be excited on how it looks like and how it was done. If so, let’s take a look at one of the business tycoon Joe Nahas.


  • About the project

The Coronations Property and Woods Bagot collaborated to formulate the layout of the building. As you may know, this remarkable building claimed its spot as ranked 1 in the design project competition held in Parramatta. The successful construction of the Gild and The Bindery was also acknowledged.


As what you can expect from all of Joe Nahas’ creation, the building is extremely luxurious and appealing. The expected year of its finishing date is by 2020.

8 Phillip Street Joe Nahas

  • What are the highlights?

It was Jamie Durie who designed the lush landscape of the building that he would like to incorporate despite the modern luxury building’s appeal. He stated that a floating forest and trapeze for athletic performers are going to be installed right in front of the building to balance the elements, and of course, attract the guests to come inside the building.


  • What would be 8 Phillip Street?

Joe Nahas is planning to make 8 Phillip Street the most comfortable home for 300 residents only. The residential building stands above the crowd for its hotel-like accommodation that includes event and function halls, GT bar and restaurant, Spa Q, and the Studio 54. The said studio can be found on the rooftop of the building. It’s a bar that can serve up to 600 guests and residents and let them enjoy the panoramic view of the city during night time.

8 Phillip Street, Parramatta

  • When are the units available for sale?

Sure enough, you will never get enough of 8 Phillip Street. Over 200 entities are now interested in purchasing a unit long before the official sales event of the residential building. The sleek design, comfort, and luxurious accommodation captured the attention of many, and Joe Nahas had already $110 million worth of sales in Stage 1 only of the building. Now, more buyers are showing a keen interest in having a spot of the second stage of the residential building and note that slots are limited and are selling like hot pancakes! If you wish to have a unit in 8 Philip Street, then you must at least provide $495,000 on hand.


The bottom line

Buyers cannot stress enough about how buying a unit from 8 Philip Street is a great investment. Considering the unique features only this residential building can offer and perfect location for busy people, small families, and independent people who like to live in the heart of the city. Every cent of your money would be worth it.


Enjoyed this article? Let me know your insights about Joe Nahas’s latest creation!

How to Start a Business

How to Start a Business

Each year, tens of numerous of people across the country decide to open their own business. They either take an idea, product, or service that they have developed or mastered, and then open up a website, a storefront, or operate the business out of their home. It becomes the dream for tens of thousands of people who want to see their opportunity to be their boss come to fruition.

There Are many Points to Consider to Have Success

While this is the idea that so many have, the fact is that few ever get their idea or service off the ground because they failed to consider all the things that need to occur to have a successful business. While it is not like you are creating a rocket ship, the fact remains that there are many steps that you need to follow and implement successfully if your business is going to have any opportunity of getting off the ground. Here are some of the most important things that you need to consider.

many Points to Consider to Have Success

Make Sure You Understand What You Want to Do

One of the biggest mistakes that occur from the very start is that an entrepreneur does not exactly know what they want to do with their business. Are they can only sell online? What they try to find retailers to sell their product? Will they operate out of their home? If they are providing a kind of service, will they provide other kinds of services related to that? These are the kinds of things that you can get bogged down in if you have not planned appropriately. Know what you want to do so that you can be successful at that.

Understand What You Want to Do

Make Sure You Plan How to Be Successful

A slogan you will hear a lot is that people do not plan to fail they just fail to plan. This is what causes many entrepreneurs to see their businesses fail. They simply don’t get as much detail and as much planning done about what they intend to do, how they plan to succeed, what exactly their business will do in the location it will be located in, and how they will deal with the competition. These are all incredibly important factors that should go into a very detailed business plan that you develop. This should include all financial resources available to you, how you plan to get your product or service to the mass market, who exactly you are appealing to, and other factors that will help you to make your business success.

How to Be Successful

Implement Your Plan With Incredible Gusto

One other thing that you need to understand when you decide to start your business is that you must be all in. Once you choose to implement that plan and get your product or service to market, you need to do it with as much gusto as possible. Be willing to spend long hours at your shop. Be open-minded to change if necessary. Take constructive criticism. Do everything that you can to make sure that your business has the best chance of succeeding.

Learn Art Of Photography And Start Taking Awesome Travel Photos

Taking Awesome Travel Photos

The best camera is the one you have with you when you really need it. Most photos were taken at the right moment, with just ordinary cameras, but they are still more than just special. In reality, taking travel photos is super-easy, but only if you know what you are doing. Below, we will explain to you how to become a better photographer.

Look for patterns and implement them into photos

Human brain constantly looking for patterns. We treat everything that features a pattern symmetrical and appealing and if you look at some of the best-known photos, you can understand why.

Patterns are another way a brain telling you something is interesting. When it comes to travel photos, lakes, trees, houses and everything else that can create a pattern is useful and therefore must be implemented into a photo.

best travel photos

Mandatory trio

Do you know how babies recognize their mothers? They don’t see the entire face as we do, they see three different parts, mouth, nose and eyes. This is another trick professional photographs use. Each photo should be divided into three parts, horizontally or vertically.

Basically, you can take a photo which features ground, an object in the middle and blue sky at the top. Just make sure the photo is perfectly smooth and horizontal because our brain doesn’t like non-leveled photos. Just this trick can help you take amazing photos anywhere you are.

trick professional photographs

Landscape composition: Make it look awesome

When taking photos of landscapes, you must be more cautious and more interested in it than usual. Most people took photos of landscapes which were amazing and then were disappointed with an actual photo. The simple answer is on the scale of a photo. You lost it!

Landscape photographing is complicated, no less and it will require from you to pay attention to the foreground, midground and of course, background. For each segment, you should choose one object to represent it.

Landscape composition

The power of focus

It is actually the simplest trick of them all and commonly used for wedding photos, but it works perfectly fine with travel photos. The goal is to take a photo of just one person or an object which will be into focus and to make all the rest blurry. You saw this many times, and it literally makes the main object pop up from the photo.

power of focus

Framing technique

This is the hardest and the most rewarding technique you can use to take photos while traveling.  Obviously, it doesn’t have anything with placing your photos into nice frames. The meaning, in literal translation, is to place an object into a frame made from another object. For example, you can use a window of a car to take a photograph of the tree next to the street. In general, the object you really want to photograph will be in the middle of a frame.

Framing technique


There is no just one technique you should use. All of the aforementioned tricks and techniques should be combined, in order you to take amazing photos. After a few of them, all of this shall be done automatic!

Make Your Travel Smarter: Hacking Tips For Travelers From All Corners Of The Earth

Make Your Travel Smarter

Traveling is all about a great time and creating unforgettable memories. But, as everything on our planet, it can me improved. We found some of the newest and the best hacks which will save your time and make your traveling better. Of course, we will make sure your travel safer as well.

Finding the perfect destination

All of you will choose the destination based on the places your friends visited so you saw the photos on Instagram or Facebook. There are also those who will go to the same place over and over again, just because they believe it is a perfect spot. Actually, the perfect place is the one you want to visit at that, particular moment!

If you still don’t know where you want to go, consult the internet. There are plenty of sites which will allow you to search the available tourist destinations according to your budget, time frame and etc. A few minutes of your time and you will find the perfect place.

Finding the perfect destination

Protect all your belongings

Just in case, you should protect all your things and important objects from theft. The best way to do so is anti-theft bags and backpacks. They are resistant to slashes and they come with a steel cable allowing you to attach them to any stationary object. They come in a variety of sizes and colors as well.

Additional features you can get are safety zippers, zipper locks, and safety handle. This hack is a one-time investment so don’t make excuses not to use it.

travel Protect all your belongings

Pack smart and save time

Pack smart and save timeThe subtitle we mentioned above isn’t wrong, so lets us explain. If you pack all of your clothes and belongings wise, you will need less time to find a thing you need and less time to re-pack them. It is easier that sounds. One alternative was even revealed by Oprah. It claims that rolling the clothes saves more space than conventional packing. Believe or not, it actually works.

Packing cubes are a necessity. They are small cubicles which are used to categorize all your belongings. Each one is small, so you have a limited amount of space inside it, which makes it perfect for a specific type or clothes. It is easy to categorize all your underwear, t-shirts, footwear and etc. When packed, they occupy less space than packing without them!

Use apps to discover all attractions of that place

Using apps is highly beneficial. You won’t waste time looking for guides or city maps. You will land prepared for your adventure, meaning that you will maximize the benefits of a travel.

Choose offline apps, so you can use them in foreign countries, without the risk of ending up with a huge phone bill.


Simple hacks can make a travel far better and more appealing. These one are so simple that each traveler should know them by heart. Now you won’t have to look at friends’ photos on the social network to decide where you want to go. Your friends will look at your photos and make the same choices.

Quit Your Annoying Job Today And Start Traveling The World: Have Fun While Making Money

Quit Your Annoying Job Today And Start Traveling The World: Have Fun While Making Money

Start Traveling The World

Working all day, every day is annoying, and the lifestyle you have by doing so is filled with stress and nothing else. We all know that traveling is a desire of us many. The solution is to quit your work and start traveling. It is possible, it is simple and believes, or no, you can even make more money than on your current job.

The first step is to use quit a job. Naturally, we cannot guide you through this process so you will have to think all by yourself how to do so. Try to save some amount of money which will kick start our voyage. Once done, begin traveling.

Use Couchsurfing

The mentioned term stands for a vast network of people from all over the world. In a matter of fact, there are millions and millions of those activities every day on the official website. Even better, more than 200 countries support this system and it is already checked and rated as safe.

What it does is allows people to travel to any country they like, stay for free at a home of Couchsurfing member for free and many days as they like. It is an ideal way if you want to see some place with the eyes of locals.

There is no need to tell you that this is the, most affordable way to travel the world. Each user has ratings and reviews, so it is safe.


Travel for free as a kind person

Probably this point sounds confusing, but it is basic. A few individuals from Norway teamed up and started working open tasks just to prove there are kind people on the planet. They are Julie Ellenberger, Erika Owen, and Clement Kovalenko. The trio began helping people for free in Norway, but soon they became popular, so they start getting free tickets, hotel reservations, meals and etc.

During a short period of time, they had dozens of travels. It is simple to understand why. They are a massive publicity to hotels and tourist locations, so they are welcomed.

Travel for free

Work with companies

Because, we said you need to quit your job, this point may sound confusing. Actually, it doesn’t have anything to do with regular jobs. In a matter of fact, it only helps you link to companies so they can pay for your trips, while you serve as a marketer.

Travel Work with companies

Start making money

All of these ways are ground for something more. Once you create a huge number of worshippers and followers on social media, you can start making money. For example, those with 2.5 million followers on Instagram, can earn $10.000 for a single travel-related post.

Owning a travel blog is superb as well. In general, you will have to write about your travelers and to share photos. It is as simple as that. With this technique, you can earn 2-3 more than on your regular job, and you will definitely have a better time.

Travel Start making money

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