Buying a House in Cebu City – an Easy Tips on what to be aware of

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Buying a House in Cebu City – an Easy Tips on what to be aware of

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The market of real estate is always changing. However, most of the people don’t have any idea on the way of selling or buying a house in a professional way. With some knowledge on real estate deals, you can gain lots of profits as a seller or buyer. Everyone has a dream of owning a well-designed house, and to accomplish this dream, there is a need of going through a process. It can help you in avoiding a mess in your significant deal.

Get an idea on commercial and residential houses

Commercial property is usually building or land, intended for generating more profits. This property is also known as the investment property. It comprises a number of rental units. But, in most cases, these properties are retail stores and offices or also industrial houses. Making an investment on this property enables you to have more money.

However, residential properties are best for single or multiple families. Cooperative structures and condominiums can also be included under this category. Many investors like to invest on this real estate, and they buy rental units or homes.

 commercial and residential houses

Set budget for buying a house in Cebu City

It is very essential to make out the amount that you are able to afford very easily. Try to get an approximate figure. If you want to take the money from lender, he may assess your credit record and income. The common rule states that you need to choose a house, which costs almost 2 ½ times of your annual income. While you’ve various financial issues, you can lower your budget. The experts recommend that the monthly payment for the new house must not go beyond thirty six percent of your own monthly earnings.


Start thinking on what you need

You have possibly some idea on what you want in your new house. However, it is essential to consider the needs of your own family members because the number of members can get increased in the future with the birth of babies. Some people give priority to the availability of backyard or a good school in the adjacent area. However, many others want to have a big kitchen room along with a luxury bedroom.

thinking on what you need

Have a look at the local region where you would reside

Your real estate agent may assist you in this respect. However, if you have not appointed anyone, you need to apply your effort to see whether there’re shopping centers, schools or other facilities in the region. The availability of these thing not only give you comfort during your stay but also increase resale value, if you sell the house in future. Thus, choose the right house at a reasonable price. It’s better to look for an agent to get the most suitable accommodation.

Assess the price of similar properties in the locality

Most of the smart home buyers want to make a comparison of the chosen houses. Compare only those houses, which are similar in size and features. While your selected unit is costlier than other options, you may change your decision.


Bidding to set price

While you have chosen a house, you may go for bidding. If you are dealing with an agent, you can get recommendations from the experts. You can create your own strategy and arrange the details of three to four houses, sold in the same region recently. In fact, there’s no rule on the negotiation of price. You may deal with seller directly or with the help of intermediaries. While you have reached an acceptable agreement on the price, you can plan for closing the deal.


Inspection of the property

Before settling everything, you have to inspect the house- its design, materials, heating systems and wiring. While an inspector gets some problems, like replacement of roof, you have to ask your agent for discussing it with actual seller. When this seller has not agreed to repair it, you may avoid the deal.

So, invest on a house with good care and sincerity. A real estate agent is the most helpful professional to you to remove all the issues in transaction. Choose an exotic house that not only meets your needs but also looks wonderful. As there is a need of some practical knowledge while buying a house, it is better to make contact with the professionals. Whether it is a commercial house or residential unit, the agents will give you the utmost help. So, find a real estate company and have an appointment with an agent.



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