Joe Nahas’ Creation: The Iconic 8 Phillip Street in Paramatta

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Joe Nahas’ Creation: The Iconic 8 Phillip Street in Paramatta

CEO of the Coronation property and key company executive Joe Nahas is about to rise yet another of his creation together with Jamie Durie—the remarkable iconic 8 Phillip Street in Parramatta. Since this is one of their latest creation, you must be excited on how it looks like and how it was done. If so, let’s take a look at one of the business tycoon Joe Nahas.


  • About the project

The Coronations Property and Woods Bagot collaborated to formulate the layout of the building. As you may know, this remarkable building claimed its spot as ranked 1 in the design project competition held in Parramatta. The successful construction of the Gild and The Bindery was also acknowledged.


As what you can expect from all of Joe Nahas’ creation, the building is extremely luxurious and appealing. The expected year of its finishing date is by 2020.

8 Phillip Street Joe Nahas

  • What are the highlights?

It was Jamie Durie who designed the lush landscape of the building that he would like to incorporate despite the modern luxury building’s appeal. He stated that a floating forest and trapeze for athletic performers are going to be installed right in front of the building to balance the elements, and of course, attract the guests to come inside the building.


  • What would be 8 Phillip Street?

Joe Nahas is planning to make 8 Phillip Street the most comfortable home for 300 residents only. The residential building stands above the crowd for its hotel-like accommodation that includes event and function halls, GT bar and restaurant, Spa Q, and the Studio 54. The said studio can be found on the rooftop of the building. It’s a bar that can serve up to 600 guests and residents and let them enjoy the panoramic view of the city during night time.

8 Phillip Street, Parramatta

  • When are the units available for sale?

Sure enough, you will never get enough of 8 Phillip Street. Over 200 entities are now interested in purchasing a unit long before the official sales event of the residential building. The sleek design, comfort, and luxurious accommodation captured the attention of many, and Joe Nahas had already $110 million worth of sales in Stage 1 only of the building. Now, more buyers are showing a keen interest in having a spot of the second stage of the residential building and note that slots are limited and are selling like hot pancakes! If you wish to have a unit in 8 Philip Street, then you must at least provide $495,000 on hand.


The bottom line

Buyers cannot stress enough about how buying a unit from 8 Philip Street is a great investment. Considering the unique features only this residential building can offer and perfect location for busy people, small families, and independent people who like to live in the heart of the city. Every cent of your money would be worth it.


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